Sharing Folders and Documents in Sharepoint

From time to time you will want to give access to some else to your personal folder in SharePoint. The following steps will help you give permissions to whomever you would like to view your personal documents.


Let’s begin with how to get to your Personal and Shared Documents:

  1. Sign into the Blueroom
  2. On the upper right-hand corner you will see your name
  3. Click on the little arrow next to your name and a drop-down box will appear
  4. In the drop-down, click on MySite
  5. In MySite, on the upper left-hand side you will see “My Content”
  6. Click on My Content
  7. You will now be routed to your storage space located on SharePoint
  8. This area is yours and yours alone unless you give permissions to someone that has a SharePoint license like you do. Here you can store whatever documents you want saved to your personal account.
  9. Be careful with where you are adding documents:

         i.      Personal documents can only be viewed by you and whomever you give permissions to

         ii.      Shared documents can be viewed by the community of licensed SharePoint users within our organization

  1. Let’s stay with personal documents for now
  2. On the left-hand side of the page you will see an area called Libraries
  3. Beneath Libraries, you will find Personal and Shared Documents
  4. Click on Personal Documents
  5. If you have documents already saved in there then you will see those listed
  6. Once in the Personal Library, you will want to either create a folder or add a document that you want to give permissions to
  7. I will give examples of both
  8. Adding a folder
  9. Almost at the top of the page you will see a button called Documents in the “Library Tools” tab
  10. Click on the documents button
  11. When you click the button a new set of options will appear right below it
  12. You will find a new button called “New Folder”
  13. Click on the New Folder button
  14. Give your folder a name
  15. Click save
  16. You will now see the folder in your library
  17. If you hover over the folder you will see that it highlights and a small arrow will appear to the right side of the folder name
  18. Click on the arrow for more options
  19. In the drop down box that appears from click on the arrow you will now see the options and an option called “Manage Permissions”
  20. Click on Manage Permissions

         i.      Please place close attention to this section

  1. On the upper left-hand side you will see more options on permission
  2. Click the “Stop Inheriting Permissions” button first
  3. Then click on the “Grant Permissions” button
  4. A new window will pop up so you can define who gets permissions and the level of permission you are going to give them

         ii.      In the first box, type in the users name you are granting permissions to

         iii.      Once you have the name in there please use the check name function right underneath that first box “It looks a little guy with a check mark on it”

         iv.      Now that the name is chosen you will have to give permission

  1. Please read through the permissions to find out which you want to grant

         v.      Now that permissions have been granted leave the rest of the options alone and click “OK”

  1. You have now given permission to the folder and you can add multiple people to this folder for viewing if you would like
  2. To get out of the permissions area, go to the left and locate the libraries again
  3. Click on Personal Documents and you are now back in your personal area
  4. To see both your personal and shared areas, go to the top and click on “My Content” again, this will bring you to your main page of your MySite
  5. You can do the same for normal documents that are not contained in a folder
  6. When you do just a document it looks just a little different but it works in the same way
  7. Hover over the document to highlight it and click on the arrow to show options
  8. Click on the “Manage Permissions” option

         i.      NOTE: If you already see the name of the person please, don’t click on their name or do anything to the name listed, just go on to the next steps

  1. Click on the “Stop Inheriting” Option on the upper left-hand side
  2. Click on “Grant Permissions”
  3. And follow the same steps to grant permissions to user/users
  4. Remember, you always want to be working with the folder or document that you are giving to users, please be sure you are working in that area.


As always if you have any comments/questions/concerns DON’T hesitate to call the Service Desk. Permissions can become a problem and breaking a permission chain can affect everything that you do. Hope this helps.

NOTE: You will find other “People/users” already assigned a permission under your folder. Make sure you DO NOT REMOVE or edit these permissions as they are system generated and that would make it so that not even you can get into your own libraries.

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