How to reset your store radio

Here are the Reset Instructions for In-Store Radio's WebRadios:


1.  First, turn off the radio

2.  While holding down down the back button, press and release the On/Off button

3.  When the display reads "Factory Defaults?  Are You Sure?" press OK.  "One Moment..." should appear in the window.

4.  A few seconds later the radio should give you a message indicating that you should restart the radio for changes to take effect.  Power cycle the unit.  If that solved the problem, great!  


If not, REPEAT STEPS 1-3 and continue to step 5 WITHOUT RESTARTING the unit at step 4



5.  Hold down the OK button until the word "Audio" appears in the window.

6.  Using the arrow buttons, scroll down to the "Special" menu and press the OK button

7.  You should see "Reset Factory Defaults?" (or something to that effect) in the window.  

8.  Press the OK button.

9.  The windows will read "Are You Sure?"

10.  Press OK again.  "One Moment..." will appear in the window.

11.  Once finished, press the Back button until the screen reads "Restart to Activate Changes"

12.  Turn the radio off for 5 seconds and restart the unit.


The Radio should boot up and begin playing your show.  If not, call 310-597-8139.


Now the unit must be set to play music out of the Line Out plugs in the back and not just the Speaker on the top of the Radio.  To do that...


1.  Press and hold the "OK" button until the word "Audio" appears in the window.

2.  Press OK.  "Default Volume 15" should appear in the window.

3.  Press the down arrow until you see "Audio Mode Speaker" in the window.

4.  Press the OK button and brackets "[...]" will appear around the word "Speaker".  This allows you to change the Audio Mode.

5.  Press the Down Arrow button until you see "Line Out".

6.  Press OK to set the mode to "Line Out".

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